Patton Funeral Home

Traditional Services

Traditional Service

A funeral either at the funeral home or church with body present, a visitation, and burial/or cremation.

Graveside Services

Graveside Service

A funeral at the graveside at the cemetery, with body present, with or without visitation.

Memorial Service

Memorial Service

A funeral either at the funeral home or church, or graveside without a body present, with/or without visitation, and cremation/ or burial prior to services.



This may follow a traditional funeral instead of ground burial, or it may be direct with no services.

"For the Family"

We believe the funeral is for the family, and we encourage families to bring in pictures and mementos that will personalize the services.

Jesus and lambs


If you would like to request a General Price List, please use our Contact Us Form.  If you prefer to receive the General Price List by U.S. Mail, please include your name and complete mailing address in the form message.

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SFH - Owners

The Owners

Rick and Kalene Summerville are the proud owners of Patton Funeral Home.  Long-term residents of Chartion County, Rick and Kalene are both licensed funeral directors and embalmers and have years of experience in funeral home management.

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