Patton Funeral Home

materialsMaterial Types

Choose from a number of material types. A variety of metals and woods are available.

design detailsDesign Details

Multiple design styles and details. Graceful curves, added detailing, or basic style. Offered in both wood or metal.


A nice selection of features to choose from. Medallions, embroidery, or corner symbols. Living memorials also offered.

LifeSymbols Corners

Custom Corners

LifeSymbols® Corners can add a touching personalization.  They are among our most popular personalization features.  They can also serve as keepsakes for family or friends.

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Memorial Record System

Memorial Records

Record vital information, fond farewells, or private messages and identification with a Memorial Record.

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Living Memorial Program

Living Memorial Program

The Living Memorial Program® is a unique and special way to honor the memory of a loved one.

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Display Medallions


LifeStories® Display Medallions can serve as a “visual eulogy” during the service.  Beyond highlighting a single facet of the life that has passed, they are a beautiful expression of all that made the loved one special.

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Personalized Panels

LifeView Panel

Photos are one of our most cherished ways to tell the story of a lifetime. The LifeView® Panel is designed to display photos or other precious memorabilia in the lid of the casket.

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Embroidered Tributes

Embroidered Tributes

Commemorative tribute panels provide a personal way to highlight a loved one’s interests, hobbies or values, and come in a wide variety of designs.

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