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Personalization is most important when making a selection.  There are a number of personal selections to choose from--emproidery, medallions, custom corners, or even a personalized memory drawer.  If you are interested in a living memorial, our Living Memorial® Program is also a very good option.

For more information about interior features, click the "Interior Features" link.  For more information about exterior features, click the "Exterior Features" link.



Embroidered Cap Panel

Embroidered Cap Panel

LifeStories Medallions

LifeStories® Medallions

LifeView Panel

LifeView® Panel

MemorySafe Drawer

MemorySafe® Drawer

LifeSymbols Corners

LifeSymbols® Corners

Memorial Record System

Memorial Record™ System

Living Memorial Program

Living Memorial® Program

Exterior Features

Exterior Features

Custom Exterior for your selection.

Interior Features

Interior Features

Custom Interior for your selection.

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metal wood

Material Types

Important material types for your selection.

Featured Caskets

Featured Caskets

Graceful curves. Fine finishes. Personalized touch.

design details

Design Details

Custom details for your selection.

If you would like to learn more about the products offered you can do so visiting our contact us page.

Additionally, you can visit our services page for more information about our funeral services.

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