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Patton Funeral Home

Patton Funeral Home

The building at the corner of Main & Mulberry Streets in Huntsville, Missouri has served area residents for 95 years as Patton Funeral Home, as it is known today. Over the years it has had numerous names and various owners: R.L., Tom B., Paul & Tom G. Patton, 4 generations giving as combined 145 years of continuous service to the community they each have loved.


John N Taylor Furniture Store and Funeral Home was purchased in 1912 by R.L. Patton and the name of the business was changed to R.L. Patton Funeral Home and Furniture Store and Tom B. and Frank Patton joined their father in the family business. Caskets were made on the premises and furniture and horse drawn buggies and carriages were, also offered for sale. Embalming took place in the home of the deceased and services were held in the family’s church or at the residence and the deceased were transported in a horse drawn hears.



Inside Patton 1 Over the years many changes have taken place, paint and floor refinishing and floor coverings were added to the furniture store and a chapel was added to the funeral home. Services and preparation of the body began to take place on the premises.


Tom B. bought the business from his parent’s estate in 1940. Paul completed his schooling, received his license in 1938 and continued to work with his father and the name was changed to T.B. Patton & Son Funeral Home. Miss Irene (Fuhrman) Turner became the bookkeeper in 1941 and was a valued employee until 1979. Tom G. graduated, licensed and joined the firm in 1963.


The Wilbert Vault plant was opened in Moberly around 1945 by Henry Koch and the first Wilbert Vault was sold by Tom B. Patton. Wilbert Vaults are still the vault of choice by families today. The business was purchased by Paul & Tom G. in the late sixties and Tom B. continued to work in the funeral home until his death in 1973.



patton inside 2 The area funeral homes operated ambulance service in the county for many years and in the late sixties the Randolph county Ambulance Service went into operation and continues today serving the county.


There was a major remodeling of the façade of the building in the late sixties and the inside was remodeled in the early eighties, which brings the structure to where it is today.


Paul retired in 1981 and Tom G. and Kathy (who is also a licensed funeral director) bought the business and discontinued the furniture store and the carpet and paint business was phased out.


The funeral home, also, offers a place for the morning coffee drinkers to gather and share the latest town happenings and local sports news.


On this website, you will find a description of services that we provide to our clients/families. We hope it enhances your understanding of funeral services.


Rick & Kalene Summerville, Owners.  To learn more about the owners, visit our About The Staff page.


If you would like to contact us for any reason, please feel free to do so via our Contact Us page.


Over the years we have had hundreds of families who have entrusted us with their loved ones and families wishes. The Patton family has been blessed with so many friends and it is impossible for you to know our gratitude. Just know that will always try our best to give you sincere service and know that you are loved.

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